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School Spending: Higher Than You Might Think

Americans don’t have a clue how much money the country spends on education.

12 Districts That Spend A Ton Of Money Per Student

Here's a list of 12 school districts that spend a whole lot of money per student each year.

Greater Education Spending = Worse Results?

Below are scatter plots of the data we reported on last week, which compared the spending per student of Twin Cities metro school districts vs. those districts’ MCA Reading & Math test scores.

A Tale of Two Literature Courses

If only 90% of the $13,000 the Eagan district spends per child were placed in the hands of parents (as is often the case with an Educational Savings Account), parents would have more than enough money to send their child to a school like Trinity, which currently charges a tuition of $11,475.

The Truth about School Spending

No, our schools are not underfunded or lacking resources. What is lacking is honesty with the public.


Where does all the money go if Minneapolis Public Schools spend an average of $20,767 per student?

Bernadeia's Bonus: $7,452.

If you were on the school board, how much of a bonus would you vote to give Ms. Johnson, considering the 50% Minneapolis student graduation rate?

Willy Wonka Directs Sarcasm at MPS

A Wonka Meme About Minneapolis Public Schools.

Minneapolis Public Schools: Underfunded or Overspending?

Why did spending per student decrease while revenue increased?