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The Diploma Mill That Is St. Paul Public Schools

It would seem it’s time for St. Paul Public Schools to stop deceiving its students and truly began preparing them for the world beyond high school.

So Much for "College-Ready"

Are today's high schools failing to provide students with the rigorous education they need in order to succeed in college?

Another Gap

The expressed desire of today's public school system is to make students "college ready." But in the Twin Cities, is it a reality?

"The Cave is Not That Bad"

Have we grown too used to the failures of today's education system? Are we too content with the cave?

Did You Get Our Postcard?

Better Ed's most recent postcard shows the high rate of remedial education that Twin Cities high school graduates need in college.

Education by Metaphor

The improper use of language is not only regrettable; it is also dangerous.