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Read them and weep

We have a crisis on our hands. While we can look around at the world of today and think things are fine, we have to remember that it was built by adults who were educated decades upon decades ago. The impact of a generation who is poorly educated despite spending incredible amounts of time in schools is just beginning to be felt. And it's going to get worse.

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments: Flat Again

Last week, City Pages ran an article proclaiming that the Minneapolis Public Schools are better than many might think. But with this week’s release of the 2015 MCA test scores, such a proclamation seems rather premature.

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So, you may have noticed this week's print edition of City Pages:

Wayzata Public Schools Shreds Racial Equity Contracts

How can the IRS require an individual to keep tax records for up to seven years, but a school district which is accountable to taxpayers can “shred” contracts after just six?

Minneapolis Public Schools: Still Spending Money on Racial Equity Training

Pacific Educational Group (PEG) has been under fire in recent weeks for receiving millions of dollars in contracts from school districts for racial equity training. Among the nearly two dozen Minnesota districts to have hired this organization, and its main draw, founder Glen Singleton, are St. Paul, Wayzata, and Edina Public Schools.

Shock: Study Finds That Closing Bad Schools Is Good For Students

Keeping our children in schools with consistently low scores can’t be good for them. It’s time to start closing both low-performing charters and district schools.

Minneapolis High Schools Hiding Behind Opt-Outs

Isn’t it obvious that Minneapolis High Schools have a math problem, not an “opt-out” problem?

Off of the Trend Line: Some Districts Pay Their Superintendents More for Poorer Results

The average salary for district superintendents in the 2014-2015 school year is $121,037, while the average reading proficiency of those districts is near 60%. So, why is it that Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools pay their superintendents about $200,000 a year when only 40% of their students can read at grade level?

Minneapolis Students Need More Than Words

The 2015 Minnesota legislature is considering a proposal to decentralize the Minneapolis district, which might allow their schools the autonomy and flexibility they need to really tackle the poor performance and achievement gap, in addition to offering more accountability.