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So, you may have noticed this week's print edition of City Pages:

Shock: Study Finds That Closing Bad Schools Is Good For Students

Keeping our children in schools with consistently low scores can’t be good for them. It’s time to start closing both low-performing charters and district schools.

Minneapolis High Schools Hiding Behind Opt-Outs

Isn’t it obvious that Minneapolis High Schools have a math problem, not an “opt-out” problem?

Greater Education Spending = Worse Results?

Below are scatter plots of the data we reported on last week, which compared the spending per student of Twin Cities metro school districts vs. those districts’ MCA Reading & Math test scores.

The School System Has Failed Millennials

Our schools may have failed the millennial generation by not giving them the skills they need to succeed, but past failure doesn’t mean we have to continue on the same path with future generations.

It's not Good

In 2012 Minneapolis’ Southwest High School was ranked the #1 high school in Minnesota and #163 in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report. Today, the high school isn't even ranked nationally. 

“Education” Spending?

Minneapolis Public Schools is on a spending spree this year, but it’s not all going toward learning.

Not Much to Celebrate

On December 17th, the Minnesota Department of Education released their list of 2014 “Celebration Schools.” According to the press release, these schools received such an honor “for their efforts to increase student achievement.”

Better Ed on the Radio!

This morning, our very own Devin Foley and Daniel Lattier went on the air on AM1130’s Up and At ‘Em With Jack and Ben to chat about the postcard, the state of the education system, and to take some calls from the community.