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Today’s High School Students Need More Vocational Training

Some schools are doing just that - with great success.

Today’s Schools Are Passing Kids Even When They Fail

Are schools increasingly passing students on to the next grade despite poor performance in class?

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So, you may have noticed this week's print edition of City Pages:

NPR: High School Grad Rate "Isn't Worth the Paper It's Printed On"

Increased fudging may be the true reason graduation rates are on the rise.

10 City School Districts With Really Low Graduation Rates

Urban school districts in America with some of the lowest high school grad rates.

2013 Graduation Rate: Disparities Persist

It’s wonderful that national graduation rates are on the rise, but in our excitement over the increase, let’s not forget the students who are stuck in struggling, low-graduating districts.

A S-S-Scary Education Quiz

We’ve been tricked more than we may realize about education spending, achievement, and graduation rates in the U.S.

Diminished Parental Responsibility = Poor Child Education?

Are today's education problems a direct result of less parental involvement and more control from educational institutions?