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Is There Something in the Water?

Either there's something in the water of our 10,000 lakes or Minnesota's education system has fundamentally broken down when 43% of 10th graders can't read at grade-level.

What happened to Minnesota’s education system?

Only 57% of 10th graders can read at grade level.

New Study: 1 in 4 City-Dwelling Students Don’t Graduate

How does your city measure up?

They're Not Ready

A variety of news outlets have reported the rapidly declining SAT scores of the nation's high school students. Bloomberg went so far as to use the headline: "Students Bombed the SAT This Year..."

Even the “Best” American Schools Can’t Compete Globally

Such information should be a wake-up call to the rest of us as well. We can’t sit back on the laurels of our “good” and “high-achieving” schools because they might be falling behind as well.

Facts About 6 School Districts Around Minnesota

Here are some key facts about some of the largest public school districts in Minnesota.

Grad Rate Increase: Reading Between the Lines

Do rising graduation rates belie the real state of our district schools?

You'll Never Guess the Reading Proficiency at St. Paul High Schools

Of the main public high schools in St. Paul, only Highland Park registers a reading proficiency score over 60%. In average grading scale terms, that’s hanging on to a D-minus by the fingernails.

Small Schools = Increased Success?

As the numbers of school districts shrink, the size of individual schools naturally grows. Because large schools normally have more to offer – including more advanced classes, better sports training, and greater extracurricular activities – the consolidation of small schools might not seem like that much of a problem. But recent studies are suggesting otherwise.