college and career ready

Preparedness for college and a career.

Does Vocational Training Help Kids Graduate?

Could it be that many students need the practical, hands-on nature of vocational training to ignite their interest for life and future work?

Want Jobs and Entrepreneurship? Encourage Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship students are wise and know a good thing when they see it.

Remedial Rate Undermines Percentage of Graduates

It’s certainly wonderful that graduation rates are rising and that more students are being able to finish school… but are they really prepared? Are our schools giving the next generation a rigorous foundation upon which they can build and continue on to college or a career of their choice?

They Built a School

There are talented people ready for the workforce soon after high school. They just need a little focused training rather than a lot of student loan debt.

So Much for "College-Ready"

Are today's high schools failing to provide students with the rigorous education they need in order to succeed in college?

High School Reading Proficiency in MPS

Reading proficiency at Minneapolis high schools: We must do better.

Flip a coin. Heads, your kid graduates. Tails, he doesn't.

Minneapolis grad rates: the odds are as simple as a coin toss.

Bye Bye Pesky GRAD Exam?

Are we really preparing students for adulthood if we merely eliminate annoying obstacles to their “progress” such as the GRAD exam?

The Fog of Education War

I believe that the cause of the “fog of education war” is the absence of a clearly articulated metanarrative.

A Modest Proposal

Most businesses have to train new hires anyways, so why not eliminate the middleman of higher education with apprenticeships?