character training

Training an individual to have good character.

U.S. Department of Education: Parents Are Support Staff

Perhaps society would be better off if the government stepped back and recognized that parents are the primary and best educators of their children?  

Education is Not Magic

If there is not a clear idea of what we want students to learn, and the character formation necessary to learn it, education will be powerless to do anything to improve society.  

Public Education According to Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson’s idea of public education is a far cry from the system we currently have. So how did this revered Founder envision public education?

Should We Stop Segregating Students By Age?

A multi-age approach to education combines students of various ages in one classroom instead of separating them into graded classrooms. This approach practically vanished in America due to the influence of Horace Mann in the mid-1800s.

What Made a Good Teacher in 1908?

So what makes a good teacher? A 1908 document entitled “The Teacher’s Catechism” suggests that continual self-examination by a teacher is key.

Education Then and Now

We may very well need to do an “about turn” with the American education system.

Diminished Parental Responsibility = Poor Child Education?

Are today's education problems a direct result of less parental involvement and more control from educational institutions?