Our Vision: An Educational Renaissance

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The current education system promotes a lowest common denominator goal of making students “college and career-ready.” We have a bigger vision in mind for American education: an educational renaissance!

After a long climb out of the Dark Ages, the Renaissance became a high-point of learning in the history of Western Civilization. It was a time of rediscovering the wisdom of the past while merging it with the knowledge, practices, and traditions of the period. The Renaissance saw the production of stunning art and architecture, rich literature and poetry, scientific advances, deepened political and philosophical understanding, and expanded trade and business. It was a vibrant period of learning rarely matched in human history.

At Better Ed, we want the same thing for America. We want to see a return of the hungry desire for knowledge, truth, and virtue that marked our country’s beginnings. We want to increase the number of schools and educational options that can develop this desire in students, thus helping them achieve their full potential.

So how do we achieve this educational renaissance?

First we must inform the public and increase their desire for it. You can’t avoid a Dark Ages and bring about a Renaissance when the public is in the dark.

Eventually, it will require changes in both the structure and content of education. When it comes to structural changes to the education system, Better Ed promotes all reforms that effectively advance the causes of educational freedom and choice, including but not limited to: vouchers, scholarships, tax credits, education savings accounts (ESAs), and the expansion of private and charter schools, homeschooling, and apprenticeships and vocational options. Without greater freedom and choice than the current system allows, better educational options cannot prevail.

Of equal importance is the content of education—what a student learns, and how he or she learns it. With this in mind, we promote a return to the more rigorous, classical approach to learning—appropriately updated for modern times—that successfully created, preserved, and developed Western civilization for over 2,000 years. A classical curriculum emphasizes a solid grounding in the basics, introduces students to the great figures, ideas, and works of the past, and recognizes that intellectual and character formation go hand-in-hand. It is the best means to prepare the kind of men and women that will help America truly flourish.