Our Communications Channels

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Better Ed’s main audience is the public, and we use numerous channels of communication to reach them. Our staff takes the hard facts and complex issues behind education, compresses them down, and presents them in a visually and intellectually stimulating manner through the following media:

  • Our Website: Where we house our charts, graphs, images, and blog posts.
  • Social Media: We communicate multiple times a day to the largest education-related Facebook audience in Minnesota with over 30,000 fans! Like us! Follow us on Twitter, too!
  • Our Postcards: We have completed over a dozen postcard drops across the city of Minneapolis, alerting its residents to the realities of a district that spends $21,000 per student each year while barely half of its students graduate!  
  • Our Billboards: Our second billboard is up across from the Minneapolis Public Schools district headquarters, with plans for more.
  • Weekly E-mails: Every week we communicate with over 10,000 e-mail subscribers. Go to our homepage to subscribe!
  • Presentations: We regularly give presentations to groups that highlight our unique views on various education issues.