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Is Sewing an Important Skill for Kids to Learn?

Many might say that in the heavily modernized society we live in today, crafts such as sewing really are unnecessary to teach in schools, particularly since one can go to the store and slap down a few bucks for a piece of clothing.

Are Teachers Ruining Literature Courses?

It has seemingly become the norm in schools to teach students to primarily view the world through the lens of three categories: race, class, and gender.

Chores in School? Why, Yes!

"It's Monday, 8 a.m., and these teens have already mucked stalls in the barn and fed the goats, alpacas and miniature cows."

These 2016 Suspensions Show a Lack of Common Sense in our Schools

In recent years, the rise of zero-tolerance discipline policies in schools has resulted in suspensions for … interesting incidents.

PC sends ‘A Christmas Carol’ Out the School Door

It began when the school received complaints about the line ‘God bless us, everyone.’

Home-building: A Practical High School Course?

Certain high schools – spanning from Massachusetts to Minnesota to Idaho – have recently been giving their students a crash course in building houses.

Do Schools Keep Students from Learning Too Much?

Will these simplifications only serve to pull our children down to the lowest levels of intelligence?

Schools Aren't Teaching Rational Discourse

Is it time we considered reinstating the study of logic in today’s schools in order to restore rational discourse in the nation?

Restoring the Four Pillars of Education

What does good education look like?

The Book List of Today's High School Seniors

The report was based on data from 9.8 million students.

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