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Daniel Lattier's Blog

Are Teachers Ruining Literature Courses?

It has seemingly become the norm in schools to teach students to primarily view the world through the lens of three categories: race, class, and gender.

The Book List of Today's High School Seniors

The report was based on data from 9.8 million students.

7 Effective Study Habits for Every Student

When many people think they’re learning, they’re really not.

Yet Another Reason to Study History

When confronted with change, most people evaluate it based upon a very limited understanding of what’s considered normal.

Should Books Be Reread?

Reading a book for the first time is seen by many in our society as a badge of honor and a legitimate cause for boasting. But rereading?

Don't Rely on School for True Education

Let’s face it: we all have holes in our education.

Parents Might Be the Biggest Obstacle to Improving Education

What recent Gallup polls tell us.

Shakespeare is Being Translated... Into English

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”… Uh, I mean, “That makes me real sad.”

Should We Be Teaching Philosophy in High School?

In the U.S., it’s commonly believed that philosophy is too complex for high school students. But in the history of the West, that’s actually a fairly recent notion, and not one universally held.