Recap: #BlackLivesMatter & Better Ed

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Well, it’s been quite the two weeks. Who knew sending out a postcard could put you on the radio five times in seven days, spawn dozens of podcasts from political commentators of all stripes, and more social media comments, tweets, and re-tweets than anyone can count?

Now, I've received a lot of e-mails in support of Better Ed after Thursday’s epic discussion/debate with Rashad Turner, representing #BlackLivesMatter. Listeners were deeply troubled by racist attacks and false accusations against me. Many others have requested the link to the podcast when it became available, which is featured below in two parts. You'll want to listen to the entire discussion, if you can.

You can listen to the first part here:

And the second part here:

Walter Hudson, a local political commentator and a black man, once again stated the problem clearly on his podcast,

"An interview on Up and At ‘Em on AM 1130, including representatives from Black Lives Matter Minneapolis and an education advocacy non-profit known as Better Ed, contained some of the most overtly racist rhetoric to be found in modern discourse. Appeals to equality and justice were cloaked in naked judgment of whites based solely on the color of their skin." 

I, too, was taken aback by the dialogue, but not disheartened. 

While there are many adults who want to maintain the status quo because it benefits themselves or their interest groups, there are far more parents who are desperately seeking a way out of it. As the Star Tribune reported this week, “Thousands of Minneapolis children leaving district for charters, suburban schools”. 

As allegations of co-opting the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and the Black Panther fist flew against us, black parents flew to their phones and called the Capitol demanding change as a result of the information they received through our postcards. They either want the Minneapolis school district broken up or some sort of voucher or education savings account (ESA).

If there’s any doubt to the fact that black parents want change and it’s a threat to the status quo, ask yourself why Education Minnesota (the state’s largest teacher union) is suddenly rallying to #BlackLivesMatter after our postcard drop. 

The simple reality is that the education system has failed, particularly for minorities. The Minneapolis school district spends $21,000 per student per year, but currently less than 25% of black students are reading at or above grade level. If the system cannot adequately help large segments of the population, then we need a new system of education.

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