About Us

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Who We Are

Better Ed is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to leading an educational renaissance in America.

Our Perspective

At Better Ed, we fear that America is in danger of entering a new Dark Age.

Nationally, only 25% of high school seniors are proficient in writing, and only 12% are proficient in history. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 20% of high school seniors fail to graduate each year. Of those who do graduate, 19% are considered functionally illiterate!

In our home state of Minnesota, only 60% of students are proficient in reading and math. That means that 40% or more of all students in the state are reading below their grade-level! And in the biggest city of Minneapolis, barely 50% of high school students graduate on time.

Traditionally, the answer proposed to these problems is more money. But the U.S. is 5th in the world in K-12 education spending while its students globally now rank only 17th in reading, 26th in math, and 21st in science. Across Minnesota, spending per student averages $13,000 each year. And in Minneapolis, it’s a whopping $21,000 per student each year – that’s $525,000 spent each year on a classroom of 25 students! As the numbers show, we can’t spend our way out of the approaching Dark Age.

Something needs to change; but a desire for change must be preceded by knowledge. As if the numbers above weren’t problematic enough, there’s another problem: MOST OF THE PUBLIC DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THEM!

That’s where Better Ed comes in. Our mission is to creatively enlighten the public about the data and ideas that currently shape American education, and introduce them to the ideas that can help improve it.

Through creating greater public awareness, we hope to generate the desire for an educational renaissance in America that recaptures the wisdom and methods of the past and applies them to the present.

The Dark Age that threatens America is not a foregone conclusion. At Better Ed, we truly believe that we can turn back the tide through enlightening the public. We hope that you will consider joining us in our efforts.