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Turns Out That Students Like Real Books, Not Electronic Ones

Interestingly, real books actually help children learn better as well.

What happened to Minnesota’s education system?

Only 57% of 10th graders can read at grade level.

Minnesota at a Glance

Minnesotans pride themselves on their education system, which is why many would probably be surprised to learn that it is not what they once thought.

They're Not Ready

A variety of news outlets have reported the rapidly declining SAT scores of the nation's high school students. Bloomberg went so far as to use the headline: "Students Bombed the SAT This Year..."

Learning from a Little Princess

Just reading isn’t enough. What the child is reading matters.

The Diploma Mill That Is St. Paul Public Schools

It would seem it’s time for St. Paul Public Schools to stop deceiving its students and truly began preparing them for the world beyond high school.

Read them and weep

We have a crisis on our hands. While we can look around at the world of today and think things are fine, we have to remember that it was built by adults who were educated decades upon decades ago. The impact of a generation who is poorly educated despite spending incredible amounts of time in schools is just beginning to be felt. And it's going to get worse.

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments: Flat Again

Last week, City Pages ran an article proclaiming that the Minneapolis Public Schools are better than many might think. But with this week’s release of the 2015 MCA test scores, such a proclamation seems rather premature.

Even the “Best” American Schools Can’t Compete Globally

Such information should be a wake-up call to the rest of us as well. We can’t sit back on the laurels of our “good” and “high-achieving” schools because they might be falling behind as well.