achievement gap

The gap in academic performance between students of different race or sex.

NPR: 6 Education Stories to Watch in 2016

With issues of race, money and immigration factoring into much of the discussion, it promises to be an interesting year for education.

Even the “Best” American Schools Can’t Compete Globally

Such information should be a wake-up call to the rest of us as well. We can’t sit back on the laurels of our “good” and “high-achieving” schools because they might be falling behind as well.

University of Minnesota Professor Calls For Forced Integration of Schools

Without a great foundational vision for education, great staff to carry that vision out, and the independence necessary to maintain (and even improve) that vision, no school can be great. 

Wayzata Public Schools Shreds Racial Equity Contracts

How can the IRS require an individual to keep tax records for up to seven years, but a school district which is accountable to taxpayers can “shred” contracts after just six?

Minneapolis Public Schools: Still Spending Money on Racial Equity Training

Pacific Educational Group (PEG) has been under fire in recent weeks for receiving millions of dollars in contracts from school districts for racial equity training. Among the nearly two dozen Minnesota districts to have hired this organization, and its main draw, founder Glen Singleton, are St. Paul, Wayzata, and Edina Public Schools.

St. Paul and PEG: Narrowing the Achievement Gap?

There’s been a lot of discussion in recent days about Pacific Educational Group (PEG), the consulting organization hired for $3 million by the St. Paul Public Schools district. PEG’s focus? Close St. Paul’s large achievement gap by confronting white privilege and systemic racism in the classroom.

Chaos... or Choice?

If we are going to maintain our commitment to taxpayer-funded education, then the only just solution for disagreements over ideology and worldview is school choice.

On St. Paul's Racial Equity Dilemma

Schools in St. Paul are apparently having a difficult time dealing with student behavior as a result of Superintendent Valeria Silva’s recent and radical racial equity disciplinary policies. In a recent article in the CityPages, writer Susan Du takes a deeper look at what schools looks like...

The Preschool Wars Continue

A sharp criticism of Governor Dayton’s veto of the legislature’s education bill appeared in the Pioneer Press on Sunday. The interesting twist: it was from Art Rolnick, a member of Dayton’s early learning council.

Minneapolis Students Need More Than Words

The 2015 Minnesota legislature is considering a proposal to decentralize the Minneapolis district, which might allow their schools the autonomy and flexibility they need to really tackle the poor performance and achievement gap, in addition to offering more accountability.