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Parents Might Be the Biggest Obstacle to Improving Education

What recent Gallup polls tell us.

Turns Out That Students Like Real Books, Not Electronic Ones

Interestingly, real books actually help children learn better as well.

Minneapolis' Failure to Educate

The numbers show the need for systemic change.

Are Today’s Schools Giving Children “Worthless Literature” to Read?

Compared to this 1892 list, it would certainly seem so.

Character in Education Webinar Recording

Check out what you missed!

Shakespeare is Being Translated... Into English

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”… Uh, I mean, “That makes me real sad.”

American Students Can’t Write… Because Schools Never Taught Them How

Today's writing standards only explain what to teach, not how.

Is There Something in the Water?

Either there's something in the water of our 10,000 lakes or Minnesota's education system has fundamentally broken down when 43% of 10th graders can't read at grade-level.

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