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The Ancient Greeks Didn't Have Preschool

Is the modern expansion of preschool really a development?

This Chart Shows That Some Good Came from the Tragedy of Hurricane Katrina

“Honestly, without Hurricane Katrina, I don’t think I would be the same person because the hardships actually helped mold me into the young lady that I am now.”

Illiteracy is Costing America Billions

As in $362.49 billion.

Is the School Day Inefficient?

"In his seven-hour school day, Nick says there were only 2 1/2 to three hours that you actually really do need to be in class."

Flee the schools?

5 Initial Steps to Homeschooling

Let Them Play!

Can a lack of recess actually detract from learning?

Twin Cities School District Thinks Students Should be in Front of a Screen ALL OF THE TIME

Check out this school district's calendar. It's sad.

Character Education: Should More Schools Be Providing It?

The general public seems to believe so.

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