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Best Thing to Help Make Your Child Successful

A recent report says only one in four parents do it!

How Ben Franklin Encouraged Rational Debate

In comparison to the rational debate fostered by Franklin and his fellows, is our debate all too often irrational?

Does Vocational Training Help Kids Graduate?

Could it be that many students need the practical, hands-on nature of vocational training to ignite their interest for life and future work?

SPPS: Central High School Teacher 'Negligent' When Assaulted by Student

Is it really any surprise if teachers decide to leave the profession?

Half of Adults Can't Read a Book at an 8th Grade Level

A well-informed public is necessary in a democracy.

7 Effective Study Habits for Every Student

When many people think they’re learning, they’re really not.

Critical Thinking and Good Writing Go Hand in Hand

3 simple steps to foster good writing in students.

Colleges Love Homeschoolers

In an interesting twist of fate, homeschooling "concerns" are actually what set these kids apart and make them desirable to colleges.

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