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5 Worst Credit Card Purchases by Minneapolis District Officials

The other month, the Star Tribune ran a story on credit card abuse and accountability problems within the Minneapolis Public Schools district. After looking at the data collected by the Star Tribune, we determined that these were the five worst purchases...

Minnesota's Partisan Problem on Education

Playing politics at the expense of our kids...

Grad Rate Increase: Reading Between the Lines

Do rising graduation rates belie the real state of our district schools?

5 Surprising Countries That Outperform the U.S. in Math

Countries that we often ignore are outperforming us, as well.

Should Low-Performing District Schools Be Closed?

Take a look at several of the lowest-performing charter and public schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

Helen Keller's Impressive Reading List

The phrase “classical education” can be frightening for many, for it seems to denote a level of academic rigor unattainable for anyone but the most brilliant student. Yet such an assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth, as was recently brought to my attention through the life of Helen Keller.

2013 Graduation Rate: Disparities Persist

It’s wonderful that national graduation rates are on the rise, but in our excitement over the increase, let’s not forget the students who are stuck in struggling, low-graduating districts.

Family and Achievement: A Correlation?

Is family stability an outlier, or does it play a bigger role in academic success than we might realize?

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