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A Time To Decentralize

When I discuss the problems in Minnesota’s education system with others, I frequently reference one telling statistic more than any other.

The Twin Cities’ “Options Problem”

“It’s the parents.”

And They Told Us Not To Be Concerned?

In 2011, Minnesota switched up its standardized math tests. In 2012, it switched up its standardized reading tests.

“Public” Does Not Mean “Neutral”

There’s a prevalent belief that public schools in America occupy some sort of neutral space of discourse, where students can be exposed to a panoply of ideas without havi

What Technocrats Get Wrong with Education

I tend not to quote the famed Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek, since he’s too often invoked today by people who think that the free market is a panacea for all that af

Apprenticeship Programs in Minneapolis Businesses?

The American public needs someone to rise to the challenge, take the risks, and reap the rewards of training and equipping the next generation with solid skills. Who better to lead this charge than some of our state's most accomplished entrepreneurial businesses?

DANIEL LATTIER: Tenure laws tilt too heavily in teachers’ direction

Minnesotans now are engaged in a battle to find the “mean” when it comes to K-12 teacher tenure. The state’s current laws surrounding tenure are tipped too much in favor of teachers at the expense of the well-being of our students.

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