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The New Kid on the School Choice Block

It’s National School Choice week, and chances are you’ve heard of vouchers, charters, and tax credits – all three well-known forms of school choice. But have you heard about the latest – and probably the most creative – form of school choice?

Public vs. Private Tuition and Spending

Below is a price list of the tuition or spending per student at various private schools and public districts in the Twin Cities metro area. Which would you choose? Where would your child get the best education for the lowest cost?

Minneapolis Goes Charter?

Minneapolis Public Schools has developed a program that sounds a lot like the charter school model.

Minnesota & School Choice Week

School choice is a matter of justice and its growing popularity reveals the sense of frustration and even injustice that many parents have regarding the education of their children.

You'll Never Guess the Reading Proficiency at St. Paul High Schools

Of the main public high schools in St. Paul, only Highland Park registers a reading proficiency score over 60%. In average grading scale terms, that’s hanging on to a D-minus by the fingernails.

Remedial Rate Undermines Percentage of Graduates

It’s certainly wonderful that graduation rates are rising and that more students are being able to finish school… but are they really prepared? Are our schools giving the next generation a rigorous foundation upon which they can build and continue on to college or a career of their choice?

It's not Good

In 2012 Minneapolis’ Southwest High School was ranked the #1 high school in Minnesota and #163 in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report. Today, the high school isn't even ranked nationally. 

Reading Levels: 1908 vs. 2014

Some of you may remember the 1908 curriculum manual I dug up in the Minnesota Historical Society archives a few months ago. When compared with a current public school reading list, it demonstrated that today’s schools are offering a more narrow view of western civilization and a simplified level of reading material.

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