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Yet Another Reason to Study History

When confronted with change, most people evaluate it based upon a very limited understanding of what’s considered normal.

The 1919 SAT Exam: Would Today's Students Struggle?

Passing requires these 3 characteristics.

8 Powerful Education Quotes from MLK

Are today’s schools failing to give students the kind of education that Dr. King promoted?

Ben Franklin’s 3 Tips for Winning an Argument

If only these pointers were taught in today's schools.

NPR: 6 Education Stories to Watch in 2016

With issues of race, money and immigration factoring into much of the discussion, it promises to be an interesting year for education.

Should Books Be Reread?

Reading a book for the first time is seen by many in our society as a badge of honor and a legitimate cause for boasting. But rereading?

Why Discipline is Out of Control in St. Paul Public Schools

Teacher: "We're powerless to discipline."

Young Children Need Conversation More Than Preschool Says Educator

What young children need instead, insists Christakis, is conversation, particularly conversation in which adults ask questions which encourage a child to think and ponder in order to give an answer.

Don't Rely on School for True Education

Let’s face it: we all have holes in our education.

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