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The Group Behind Race Education in Twin Cities Schools

Given the recent (and probably ongoing) turmoil in St. Paul Public Schools, it’s time to ask questions about Pacific Educational Group (PEG).

There's No Such Thing as A Child Who Hates to Read

Want your child to become a better reader? Then instill him with a love of knowledge and curiosity of the world.

Does Dayton Want Existing Preschools to Go Away?

For decades, a mix of school districts, private licensed individuals, companies, and non-profits (especially churches) have offered preschool education in Minnesota. Will these last under the Governor's universal Pre-K plan?

John Stossel on Why You Shouldn't Go To College

College isn’t for everyone, nor should it be.  By pushing everyone toward a college education, we devalue it and diminish its quality, in addition to unnecessarily saddling people with seemingly insurmountable debt.

The Preschool Wars Continue

A sharp criticism of Governor Dayton’s veto of the legislature’s education bill appeared in the Pioneer Press on Sunday. The interesting twist: it was from Art Rolnick, a member of Dayton’s early learning council.

Education Savings Accounts Gaining Momentum

That lawmakers would ignore ESA legislation is somewhat surprising, particularly as this form of school choice is wildly popular with the general public.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right School

We promote school choice in part because we think that parents – not teachers, and certainly not educational administrators and publicly elected school boards – can best determine what their children need in terms of education.

Shock: Study Finds That Closing Bad Schools Is Good For Students

Keeping our children in schools with consistently low scores can’t be good for them. It’s time to start closing both low-performing charters and district schools.

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