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Employers Can’t Afford NOT to Support Apprenticeships

Has the push to send every kid to college left employers with a low-knowledge and untrained employee pool?

Oct. 7 Webinar: Character in Education

Three educators will discuss their views and experiences on character education.

Should We Be Teaching Philosophy in High School?

In the U.S., it’s commonly believed that philosophy is too complex for high school students. But in the history of the West, that’s actually a fairly recent notion, and not one universally held. 

Should U.S. Students Get More Exercise and Playtime Like Those in Finland?

Play is a natural desire for kids, after all.

Fewer Children Today are Playing the Piano

What are the reasons behind the decline?

London Grade School: “No TV or Tech… Not Even at Home.”

Should the U.S. invest in more unplugged schools like this one in England?

Aaaand Another Study Says Preschool Hurts, Not Helps

Is it time to hit the pause button before more states charge ahead to fund preschool for all?

Is Homeschooling Only for the Elite?

Homeschooling is being used by parents as a means to create elite kids.

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