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This is What Rigor Looks Like

Perhaps it’s time to demand more rigor from Minnesota’s public education system.

And the Reason Parents Choose Public School is...

Those who would choose a charter, private, or home school largely expressed a desire for better education or an enhanced instruction setting. Yet better education was not the prominent selection feature for those who would choose public school.

Greater Education Spending = Worse Results?

Below are scatter plots of the data we reported on last week, which compared the spending per student of Twin Cities metro school districts vs. those districts’ MCA Reading & Math test scores.

A One-Two Demographic Punch for School Choice - Part 2

Why, exactly, will more school choice help states manage education budgets without impacting education quality?

An Intended Consequence?

Governor Mark Dayton continues to push hard for universal preschool in Minnesota under the guise of better preparing students for educational success and closing the achievement gap.

But there’s a consequence to Dayton’s proposal that’s largely ignored and unspoken: universal preschool will severely hamper private schools.

A One-Two Demographic Punch for School Choice - Part 1

The coming wave of Baby Boomer retirees means…more school choice?

80% Favor Special-Needs Education Savings Accounts

Minnesota has a long history of taking pride in its education system. While there are still some bright spots in the state, overall we seem to be running on the fumes of the past.

Public Schools and Bad Parents

When discussing many of the common educational challenges – such as low proficiency, low graduation rates, or poor behavior – it’s not uncommon to hear someone throw the blame entirely on the parents.

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