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DANIEL LATTIER: Tenure laws tilt too heavily in teachers’ direction

Minnesotans now are engaged in a battle to find the “mean” when it comes to K-12 teacher tenure. The state’s current laws surrounding tenure are tipped too much in favor of teachers at the expense of the well-being of our students.

On Tenure: Education Minnesota, Better Ed, and the Grand Forks Herald

Last week, the Grand Forks Herald asked both Education Minnesota (Minnesota’s largest teacher union) and Better Ed to write about teacher tenure. The newspaper’s editorial staff then wrote their own opinion based on the two pieces.

"Up and At 'Em" with Better Ed

Better Ed's Devin Foley and Dan Lattier made another appearance on AM 1130's "Up and At 'Em with Jack & Ben"

Life, Liberty, and Happiness in Education

As we celebrate July 4th, many of us are looking forward to barbecues, fireworks, and the other nostalgic smells and sounds of summer.

Better Ed on KSTP

Q: What's big, bold, and controversial?

Billboard Calls Out Minneapolis Public Schools

Better Ed — a 501(c)(3) education reform group in Minnesota — has put up another billboard message across from the Minneapolis Public Schools district headquarters.

Achieving Maturity

"The basic purpose of education is to achieve maturity… Without maturity there can be no wisdom, no insight, no judgment, no compassion; nor can there be any real understanding of oneself, of other human beings or of the great questions of our time.”

You Should Be Angry

“To everything there is a season,” and now is the season to say things plainly: the Minneapolis Public Schools district is failing its students. The current leadership has spent enough time tinkering with the district. Their programs aren’t working. Their procedures aren’t working. Their reshufflings aren’t working.

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