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The Blame Game

Minority and poor students can learn, and it is disturbing that some defenders of the current system are saying otherwise.

Is It Fair?

Two weeks before the recent elections, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers—the city’s local teachers’ union—sent a memo to Minneapolis’ public school teachers. It contained recommendations on who the teachers should vote for in each of 92 races happening around the state.

Teachers: Don’t Feel Rejected

The mid-term elections aren’t a repudiation of teachers.

Are the Minnesota History Standards Really “Anti-American”?

The new Minnesota K-12 social studies standards created a mild controversy when they were rolled out in 2012. According to opponents, the history portion reflects an “anti-American” bias.

Minneapolis Union Tells Teachers Who to Vote For

Minneapolis Union Tells Teachers Who to Vote For

Better Ed on the Radio!

This morning, our very own Devin Foley and Daniel Lattier went on the air on AM1130’s Up and At ‘Em With Jack and Ben to chat about the postcard, the state of the education system, and to take some calls from the community.

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