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The Book List of Today's High School Seniors

The report was based on data from 9.8 million students.

Psychologist on Getting Kids to Read

Here are 8 tips. 

Why Was Laura Ingalls a Good Writer?

They should teach these more in schools.

High School Reading Lists: Now vs. Then

High school graduates: not as smart as they used to be? 

Ray Bradbury on Education

Writer of "Fahrenheit 451"

Creativity or Obedience in School?

"We spend our days in meetings and talk about ‘thinking outside the box’. But rarely do we step outside it."

Are Students Really Learning to Be Critical Thinkers?

Is it time we actually teach children what critical thinking entails? 

Best Thing to Help Make Your Child Successful

A recent report says only one in four parents do it!

How Ben Franklin Encouraged Rational Debate

In comparison to the rational debate fostered by Franklin and his fellows, is our debate all too often irrational?

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