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An Opportunity for Systemic Change

We have never envied Superintendent Johnson’s position, nor blamed her solely for the failures of Minneapolis Public Schools. Indeed, we wish her well in the next stage of life and with family affairs. What we do blame is a failing system.

Should We Stop Segregating Students By Age?

A multi-age approach to education combines students of various ages in one classroom instead of separating them into graded classrooms. This approach practically vanished in America due to the influence of Horace Mann in the mid-1800s.

They Built a School

There are talented people ready for the workforce soon after high school. They just need a little focused training rather than a lot of student loan debt.

We Have a Problem

We have a problem... Has your child or grandchild read to you lately?

Big Trouble in Little Suburbia?

Sadly, Rosemount is not alone in its poor reading proficiency rates.

If You Want Improvement in Minneapolis Schools, You Should Read This Interview

Monserrate has come to the conclusion that the Minneapolis school district is simply too big and too bureaucratic to significantly improve upon its poor academic results and devastatingly low graduation rate (54%).

Twin Cities Dropout Rates

So, how is the dropout rate looking around the Twin Cities? In some school districts it's not so bad, but in others it's pretty terrible.

Land of $31,000 in Student Loan Debt

An increase in state-funded college tuition aid only transfers the college debt burden to taxpayers – of which the students themselves will one day be – and serves to further kick the problem down the road.

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