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Minneapolis Union Tells Teachers Who to Vote For

Minneapolis Union Tells Teachers Who to Vote For

Better Ed on the Radio!

This morning, our very own Devin Foley and Daniel Lattier went on the air on AM1130’s Up and At ‘Em With Jack and Ben to chat about the postcard, the state of the education system, and to take some calls from the community.

High Expectations = High Results

Besides the fact that Yinghua is one of only a few complete Chinese immersion schools in the country, the charter school is distinguished for its order and discipline, well-educated teachers, small class sizes, and least but not least, excellent scores on standardized tests.

"They just want the basics, a quality education"

If you were a parent, where would you spend $21,000 on your child?

Small Schools = Increased Success?

As the numbers of school districts shrink, the size of individual schools naturally grows. Because large schools normally have more to offer – including more advanced classes, better sports training, and greater extracurricular activities – the consolidation of small schools might not seem like that much of a problem. But recent studies are suggesting otherwise.

Can You Pass A 19th Century Middle School Spelling Test?

It seems to me that passing a 19th century middle school spelling test with words such as “perspicuity,” “scintillate,” “prerogative,” and “sinecure” would be far more difficult than passing BuzzFeed’s modern middle school spelling test.

Why Do Teachers Have To Buy School Supplies?!?

Minneapolis Public Schools spends $525,000 for a classroom of 25 students each year, yet the teacher receives only 13% of that amount (17% if you factor in benefits).

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